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July 10, 2019

Complete Guide To Choosing Bridal Shoes

"Should I Wear My Bridal Shoes? One of the most important challenges that every bride faces is choosing her wedding dress. The dress, the shoes, the accessories, it can feel like a lot to handle! When it comes to finding the perfect pair of shoes, it is understood that some brides have different questions or feel uncertain about the type of wedding shoes they wear. The biggest question we hear is "what shoes should I wear if I wear them for 12+ hours?" There is no need to panic! We have all the knowledge and answers from years of experience and we have to deal with these types of questions first hand! If you are looking for some beautiful shoes for your big day then you will find some beautiful shoes here! Should I choose my wedding shoes before or after the dress? When you buy your wedding shoes will depend on what you find right. Some brides have a specific bauble, theme or photo they use to design their wedding and dress. Others go for what 'feels right' when trying out a dress! We have many brides come to us and fall in love with a pair of shoes and just build their wedding style around their bridal shoes. Some brides already have a dress they fall in love with, just trying to find the perfect matching shoes. There is no right or wrong answer, designing your wedding dress as you think is right - it's your big day! At what height should I go? This is a classic question. It directly addresses the question referred to in the beginning. what heels do you need if you are going to wear your wedding shoes all day? You have to ask yourself the first question. "With what shoes am i comfortable wearing?". You can wear high heels every day for work or leisure, or wear a pair of flats. The fact is, if you go straight for a 9cm shoe like these and you are not used to them, you will surely suffer. Try them and go with what you feel most comfortable with. Should my wedding shoes be white? No way! You will find that many retailers have bridal shoes in different colors, especially colored satin ivory, Nude, Ivory, Glitter etc, it does not mean that your shoes still have to match your bridal dress! A modern bride may want a pair of blue shoes for "something blue" or just a vibrant shoe that they can wear again and again after their big day. Many of the shoes also come in a dyed fabric, so brides can wear any color on their big day! Do I have to wear my wedding shoes? Beyond a shadow of a doubt. Wearing shoes around the house will help you determine if they are perfect and comfortable. Comfortable lining in the shoe helps to support the main areas of the foot that are experiencing pain and trying on the shoes just helps to make sure the shoe supports your foot properly. The materials we use are tested, tested and of course high quality! BILERO experts before every manufacturing make sure that your shoes are not only impressive but also comfortable for your big day! What if the weather is bad on the wedding day? There are many different precautions you can take if the skies decide to open, this is a possibility. There are a variety of sprays and solutions you can apply to prevent dirt and water marks from staining your wedding and your bridesmaid's shoes. Check the label before buying a shield to make sure it does not damage the shoe material. Can I customize my own pair of wedding shoes? When it comes to weddings today, nothing happens. Don't feel you have to wear something traditional. You can even choose the smallest detail such as color, height, material, decorations and even the design if you want to feel unique! Make an appointment with experts to help you make your dream a reality: Karatheodori 7 Peristeri, 12242 Athens General information P: +30 210 5789936 & 6983590178E: For online shopping